Panda For Your Thoughts?

The internet can be a really scary place right now. Every time the news pops up in my browser my screen is shrouded with articles about:

then strangely enough...


That one random video of a baby panda sneezing.

That panda is everything. It’s adorable. Sneezing and scaring it’s Mother who is just trying to eat her bamboo cookie in peace! HA! I’d bet that each of us at least smiled when we saw that for the first, second, and even tenth time.

But whoa! Where am I going with this? Why talk about so many sad things and then digress to talk about that baby panda video that hasn’t been a meme for almost a decade?!



That panda video - TO. THIS. DAY. - is incredible. It’s lighthearted, surprising, and family-friendly. The power of that combination should never be underestimated, ignored, or shut down...just like you. (Aah! There it is!)



We here at the Sad Girl Music Community believe that having the space to celebrate our sexuality, power, strength and womanhood is important. We find it vital that everyone in our community is treated equally, given fair rights to their own bodies, and shown respect. The first step to ensuring that we continue to have and nurture these rights is simple:



Here in Nashville we’re gearing up for another local election (August 1st). We may not be voting for President, but every voice, at every level, that we have speaking for us is important. The way to end headlines like the ones at the top of this article is to use your right as a United States Citizen to vote for whomever you believe in. Because you know what? We believe in you, we love you, and we want only good things for you.

One sure way to make the world a happier place is to share the panda video (#bringbacksneezingbabypanda), but the absolute best way to ensure equality and your rights is to cast your vote whenever possible. If you live in Nashville, your next chance is on August 1st, 2019 in the Mayoral and City Council Elections.



To support your political journey for knowledge (#PJFK), we’ve taken care to find some light reading material that will hopefully steer us all toward casting an informed vote on August 1st.

Your guide to Nashville's August election, including mayoral candidates and key dates

Here is a list of every candidate running in the August 1st election 

“City Elections in Nashville, Tennessee (2019)” 

“2019 Nashville Mayoral Election”