Sad Girl Myths

Written by Christine Harazim

So far we’ve answered the question “What is Sad Girl Music?” You can feel confident in knowing that your definition is your own; it means something different to everyone. Now it’s time that we debunk some of the most common Sad Girl Myths that we’ve been hearing.


Myth #1

Being a Sad Girl means that you must cry a lot.


Being a Sad Girl can mean a plethora of emotions and ideas- it’s not just sadness. At any given time, being a Sad Girl can mean anything on this list and more:

  • You’ve lost something.

  • You’ve had your heart broken and you need to feel your feelings for a while.

  • You feel misunderstood by your friends, families, significant others, communities, etc.

  • You passionately want to change the world and elicit strength through art.

  • You’ve been put down and are ready to take your power back.

  • Your love, strength, vulnerability and resilience are shining through you.

  • You feel sad because you’ve had to fight for what others have been given.  (That doesn’t stop you from continuing to fight.)

  • Even in defeat, you’ve stood up to shake hands and say “until we meet again.”

Being Sad isn’t just...sad. It’s empowering and undeniably vulnerable. It’s an emotion that encompasses a past full of struggles, triumphs, celebrations and pitfalls. That’s why we love our Sad Girl Music community. You’ve seen it all, lived it, and yet you’re still standing. That in itself is cause to celebrate. You are cause to celebrate; whether you’re feeling sad or angry or happy or empowered, you have a place to be yourself. We’re here to encourage you to confront your Sadness, however it’s manifesting, in a healthy way.

June SGN-13.jpg

Myth #2

Men feel uncomfortable at Sad Girl Music events

False False

“It's definitely not just for girls. Featuring female artists sometimes feels almost secondary to what the event is really about, which is feeling free to express and emote in a friendly and accepting environment. It's immensely positive. You can tell Elisabeth, (Founder of Sad Girl Music), puts a lot of focus there, because you feel it in the room.”

Men are always encouraged to attend Sad Girl Music events, participate in the online conversation, and be an important part of the community. In fact, to debunk this myth, we’ve brought in a frequent attendee of Sad Girl Night, and self-identified man, Jamie Hagerty. Here’s what he has to say about his experiences at Sad Girl Night.

If you are an ally and friend, regardless of gender, sexuality, race or age, you are welcome. At Sad Girl Music, we strive to create a welcoming and comfortable space for all. As long as you in turn make others feel comfortable, our door is always open.


Myth #3

But Sad Girl Songs are depressing!


Once more, I’m here to tell you that “Sad Girl songs,” are not necessarily sad in tone. Of course, they can be. We all have favorite songs that we connect with because of their raw, sad intensity. What I’m saying here is that when we branch out from “sad” we get a little bit of everything. Anger, hopelessness, happiness, empowerment, confusion, love, hate, indifference, etc. Sad Girl music is not sad, simply to be sad. It’s sad because it comes from a real place; a place that’s felt something so powerful that it ignited a song, an album, and down the line- a fan who needed to hear it.

Coming to Sad Girl Night you’ll find that you experience more than a night of raw and emotional music. You’ll experience a moment in time where you are encouraged to feel what you need to feel through the music of someone else who has been there with you! It’s beautiful and empowering, and sometimes sad- but that depends on you and what you need to feel.



Myths, Debunked!

We aren’t building Sad Girl Music to intimidate, exclude, or cause terrible depression through sad songs. No matter your gender, your sexual identity, your race, your religion, or your shoe size; we’re building it for you. So you can have a safe space to call home and enjoy music by incredibly talented goddesses. It’s about empowerment, vulnerability, and love for all. We’re looking forward to meeting you at our next event!