Elisa Shankle Is Encouraging Her Community To Be Brave And Heal

We are a wellness space, but we focus on a lot of different things. We’re not your typical wellness space. We sell medicinal teas and elixir powders that I curate with our herbalist. We’re also a yoga/meditation studio. We hold workshops. We do donation-based programming every weekend. Our efforts are really about being able to have the community come in, and we give them what we have. We focus on newcomers and we also wanna be able to give options to people who have never done this stuff before.

What we’re doing is building community around healing. Our space is very community-oriented. It’s not the type of space where you know you come and you just wanna … you don’t have to leave, you know? It’s not a get-in-and-out type of place. You can connect with people. You can build with people or create a space that feels like home.

We have a big focus on mental health, which is not what a lot of traditional wellness spaces do. We actually have therapy services. And that’s become a big component of what we are and one of the most popular private services. We try to create, to build a lot of knowledge around mental health. We try to destigmatize healing and wellness and make it accessible, fun and cool. People come in and they feel like they can be a part of this and not feel intimidated.