Sad Girl Night 6/23/19 ft: Natalie Quevedo, Paola Proctor, Julia Cannon, and Angie Marie Go

Sad Girl Night has grown into an event where, every month, you can go to feel at home (appropriately hosted at H.O.M.E.), make new friends, and listen to beautiful music performed by some of Nashville’s most talented goddesses from all walks of life.

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On June 23rd, once again we gathered together to celebrate some of our cities best up-and-coming female artists!


With the help of our friends at Darla’s Bagels (providing colorful and seriously delicious pride-themed bagels), House Beer (always in good taste), and H.O.M.E., we can add yet another successful night to the books.

Hosted by the incomparable Elisabeth Beckwitt, this month’s Sad Girl Night was truly the perfect way to close out the Nashville Pride festivities; an evening focused on being vulnerable and comfortable in our skin no matter what background we come from. We were proud to feature performances by Natalie Quevedo, Paola Proctor, Julia Cannon (aka Coolia Julia), and Angie Marie Go. While typically we prefer Sad Girl Night to be an evening of full-band performances, we started this night off on a more stripped down note with acoustic sets from our first two artists:

Natalie Quevedo was our first queen of the stage. Her gentle voice flowed lightly across a perfect audience - attentive and looking to connect with the music being gifted to them. She performed with purpose and sang us vulnerable songs such as “I Hope You Let Me Go” a piece celebrating the loves that didn’t quite make sense. We love an artist who encourages the audience to embrace the sadness that comes with a breakup or any other hardship because hardship makes us stronger. Quevedo’s music outlined those feelings with a graceful elegance.

Paola Proctor took the stage next with a powerful pop voice and strong lyrical content. Her presence was confident, sure, and inspiring to witness from the audience. Despite her introduction to a song about others finding her to be “too much,” we found her music to be just right. Even without a full band behind her, she was able to fill the room with life! We loved her song “Fancy” about a woman who felt that her overly-materialistic lifestyle made her better than Proctor.

As if, lady. As if.

Our first full band set of the night came from Julia Cannon who took the spotlight and plunged right into stunning vulnerability. She began with a story about how she came out to her Mom as bisexual less than a year ago and then sang us a song about drinking, smoking, and eating mashed potatoes. (It was an unforgettable opening, really.) Throughout her set, Cannon gave us a glimpse into her life and the relationships that she surrounds herself with. It’s worth noting that her entire band looked thrilled to be playing music with her and looked like they were having so much fun on stage as they shook the room.

“It’s Sad Girl Night...My Dad left, I ain’t been fucked, I came out to my Mom…” She laid it all out on the table, ending with a song about how her ex didn’t love her as she needed him; stylistically, it was reminiscent of an old-school standard mixed with modern-day Pop elements. It was love.

“I love being a goofball with all of my friends on stage. These stories are real and come from us and it’s important to talk about them.”

That was our favorite quote pulled from Angie Marie Go - our last performer of the night. It really showed the audience that she understands what Sad Girl Night is all about. That understanding and openness led everyone in the room down a road of empathy and vulnerability as we listened to her play. Her latest single, “Miss Universe” (available everywhere), really stuck out to us along with “Where I Grew Up” (described as “just a story now”). We all have our pasts that feel more like fiction- making it so special when an artist can channel that misadventure and turn it into something beautiful and relatable like Angie did. With a kickass band behind her, strong vocals and music that reminds us of The Decemberists and The XX, she’s a force to be reckoned with and an artist to watch.

Thank you to all of the beautiful and unique faces that came out to support this Sad Girl Night! It’s because of you that we are able to host such a unique Nashville event; where love is encouraged and womanhood and vulnerability are celebrated. We’re looking forward to our next event on July 21st featuring Nicole Boggs, Jessi Robertson, Michelle Brooke and Meghan Hickman and hope to see you there!



If you’ve enjoyed any of our Sad Girl Music events and would like to contribute to the cause, you can Venmo us @SadGirlMusic. We love what we do and we love building this community; we can’t do it without your help! Much love.  

written by: Christine Harazim


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