Sad Girl Night 7/21/19 ft: Jessi Robertson, Michelle Brooke, Meagan Hickman, and Nicole Boggs

While the overall theme of vulnerability and women’s empowerment is present at each event, Sad Girl Night is a little bit different every month. This month we were floored by the vulnerable and overwhelming POWER of each of our four performers. Jessi Robertson, Michelle Brooke, Meagan Hickman and Nicole Boggs all brought their A-games to the H.O.M.E. stage; packing each song they played with positive energy and passion.

Our first act this month was the beautiful Jessi Robertson who serenaded us with her soft, yet commanding voice and poetic lyrics. We could feel the vulnerability and love that went into every verse of the new music she shared with us. Jessi clearly puts in the time when writing her lyrics; carefully crafting each syllable to deliver the greatest impact. 

I have to let the match burn down til’ my fingers turn gray and turn to ash, I’m just wired that way, I put on a brave face that I know I cannot maintain, I only feel the most me when I’m plotting my escape.


At first glance, Jessi Robertson’s music is Alanis Morisettte meets Norah Jones. It’s gentle, but packed with emotion and genuine strength. It’s the sort of sad girl music that brings tears to your eyes while encouraging you to continue the fight.

Following Jessi was the soulful grace of Michelle Brooke. From the moment she stepped up to the microphone, we knew we were in good hands. Michelle is the type of artist who performs with her all; whether it be for 3 people or a crowd. As a former Carnival Cruise dancer, it was clear that she is comfortable on a stage. We loved how she brought that comfort to the audience through her stories.

This song is about being emotionally manipulated for over two years. It’s about how you have to crawl out of a pit and rise up when this happens to you. It’s called ‘Let it Up.’

Moments like this, where the women on stage share brief moments of vulnerability with the audience are what make these events truly special. Michelle went on to perform a gorgeous and powerful song that was more relatable after knowing the context. Each song she played was straight from her heart and clearly impacted by real-life experiences that made us all fall in love with her.


Next, Meagan Hickman took the spotlight and she ran with it! Right out of the gate, she demanded our eyes and ears with her first song “He’s My Man.” It was rocking and upbeat. As we glanced around the room, we saw feet tapping and heads moving in tandem with the rhythm section. Meagan writes about everything from love to family to finding out who you authentically are.

She goes so far as to ask herself (and by extension, the crowd), “how can I get back to my authentic self?”

With so many distractions, it’s so important to be prompted by these questions at times. We truly enjoyed hearing her song “Back to You” about finding yourself in authenticity in this day and age.

Meagan has a voice that grabs you, a stage presence that makes you feel safe, and songs that make you feel as though she’s walked in your shoes. She’s an ideal Sad Girl who we’d recommend seeing live any day.

Our final performance was by none other than Nicole Boggs and The Reel who gave us a rush of energy to last us until the next Sad Girl Night! Nicole in her sunflower pants, backed by two young gents on either side of her (The Reel), kicked off the night sounding like a young Grace Potter and The Nocturnals. The enthusiasm of this power-packed trio stopped us all in our tracks as we all locked in to see where they would take us. They had a bit of everything. They melded moments of seriousness with moments of laughter; harmonies were flying, stories were being told, socks were being melted off.

We can share so many quotes and stories from Nicole Boggs and The Reel’s performance (so many!). On topic with women in music though, this is how she introduced her second-to-last song “I Could Put a Hat on” about the push and pull of having others tell you who to be while you’re a woman in the music industry:

This song is for everyone who has been told what you need to be while you’re just singing songs...which makes no sense whatsoever, RIGHT!?


The big takeaway from her performance (and every performance from the night) is to be who you are and don’t let others dictate your life! Accept and wield your power whether it be on a stage or in your bedroom.

Our team arrives early each Sad Girl Night to be sure that the chairs and couches are set up, the cookies nicely situated beside the beer and wine, and the sound is right where it should be. We get everything ready, and as artists arrive we’re ready to welcome them, chat, and go over the lineup for the night.

Our first arrival this July was Jessi Robertson and her bandmate Derek who walked in with the most sincere of smiles on their faces. As they spoke with Elisabeth Beckwitt and the rest of the team, the conversation was filled with gratitude and excitement from both sides. This first incredibly warm interaction really set the mood for the night. It’s interactions like this happening each month that make Sad Girl Night a beautiful way to spend your Sunday. We don’t expect anything but love, respect and the courage to be vulnerable from the artists who play to the friends who attend. Piggy-backing off of that beautiful energy: we’re happy to have you here, reading this article and listening to these goddesses of music.

We hope to see you at our next event on August 25th at our H.O.M.E. away from home from 5-8:30pm to witness performances from Adara, Savannah Sgro, Sara Benyo and Rosemary Joaquin.



If you’ve attended and enjoyed one or more of our free events and would like to give back to the community, you can Venmo donations to @SadGirlMusic. Contributions are never expected but always greatly appreciated and go directly into the next event. We’re grateful to you and we’ll see you again soon!

written by: Christine Harazim


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