Sad Girl Night 4/14/19 ft: Sara Benyo, Athena, Stasney Mav

Another successful Sad Girl Night has come and gone with a bang, leaving only a wisp of smoke in its wake.

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April’s event featured four energizing pop goddesses that celebrated vulnerability and a whole lot of STRENGTH!  The music of Elisabeth Beckwitt, Sara Benyo, Athena, and Stasney Mav left our Sad Girl Community feeling full of life and ready to take on the world after a Sunday evening dance party unlike any event we’ve hosted before.

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Leading the night was our fearless leader; singer/songwriter Elisabeth Beckwitt.  Taking the stage with a band of talented musicians and allies behind her, she kicked the show off with her song Isabella to build energy and set the mood.  Immediately following that first tune, enjoying a cold beverage from our sponsor House Beer, Beckwitt raises her drink to the crowd and asks everyone to celebrate that they made it through the week!  How often do you get to go out, have a free beer, and celebrate the small wins while being serenaded? Goddess was the next song Beckwitt played.  It rocked the room, and as I looked across at bobbing heads and tapping feet, I thought about how awesome it was that I was standing amidst such an amazing community.

“This event is really about shedding light on things that we sometimes don’t feel comfortable talking about.  I think that so often vulnerability is looked at as a weakness. We learn from a very young age: Don’t cry. Don’t be vulnerable.  Be strong. Toughen up. Man up. And that’s really not how life works. It takes so much courage to be able to say: ‘I’m not okay right now and I need you to hear that and be here for me.’  This event is really about a safe space where we can feel whatever it is that we feel. And whether your ‘Sad Girl Music’ is sad or angry or passionate or hopeful - it doesn’t matter because you feel it, and it’s valid.”

True to those words, Beckwitt ended her set with the title track off her upcoming release, Indigo.  Perhaps one of the toughest things to be open about, she spoke freely about her struggles with addiction and ended the set on a hard and driving song that no one will soon forget.

EDM Pop Goddess, Sara Benyo took the stage next.  A last-minute addition to this months lineup, we love that she didn’t take the matter lightly; bringing out so many friends and fans to enjoy the night with us!  Though only accompanied by one other person, she proceeded to fill the entire space with an energetic performance. At the top of her set she professed that she was like Tinker Bell, if we didn’t dance with her she would wither away.  We loved that so much we were inspired to the clear the dance floor so she could flourish! In true support, and for love of the music she performed with so much passion, we were all moved to dance and have fun at 6:30pm...on a Sunday night...while the sun was still shining.  It felt so right. Benyo had light-up shoes, shiny pants, and dance moves that brought her from the stage floor to the dance floor to join the party- all while singing beautifully, smiling, and making the night one to remember. We love you, Sara Benyo!


“Let’s get dark and moody.”  This was the opening to Athena’s set and true to her word, she began on a slow and sexy song; setting the pace and giving us a taste of what we were in for.  Athena is a one-of-a-kind performer who creates a scene with everything from her music, to her outfit, to her body language. She transported the whole room into another dimension where our imaginations could run wild while she, a gorgeous siren, sang us into her dark and seductive world.  In between her songs, Athena spoke with us about the power of vulnerability and loving yourself. An advocate for mental health herself, she fit right into the mold of what it means to be a Sad Girl, showing us her strength and resilience along with the not so pretty sides. “I love that Sad Girl Night is about vulnerability.  That’s why I make art. I have too many feelings.”


Stasney Mav ended the night with a DJ set to keep us moving and to send the night out on an energetic note!  Sad Girl Night has never had such a Pop heavy lineup and her set couldn’t have been a better night cap! Stasney took our Popstar Showcase and turned it into the hottest club in Nashville, especially after a mad dash to the floor for her hit single “Bullet.”  With a dark room, a bright stage, and a dance floor full of energetic fangirls it felt much more like 1am on a Friday night!

Big in the Nashville queer scene, Stasney Mav will be performing this year at Pride and we’re so excited for her!  Athena consistently performs and will be throwing a birthday party for her fans next month that is guaranteed to be incredible.  Sara Benyo is continuing to write new music all the time, with her latest release “Crazy Now” available everywhere. And last but not least, our original Sad Girl, Elisabeth Beckwitt is gearing up for the release of her new single Free Fall available everywhere on May 3rd!


Our next Sad Girl Night will once again be hosted at our favorite Nashville stage located in the shared creative space, H.O.M.E. (Helping Our Music Evolve) on May 26th.  We invite you all to join us as we continue supporting our favorite local female musicians! Get your free tickets soon as space is limited. Check out the lineup and RSVP here.  Much love!

written by: Christine Harazim


On May 26th,