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Sad Girl Night ft. Adara, Savannah Sgro, Sara Benyo, and Rosemary Joaquin

  • H.O.M.E. - Helping Our Music Evolve 615 Main Street Nashville, TN, 37206 United States (map)

Come out to Sad Girl Night at Helping Our Music Evolve - HOME and celebrate the beauty, vulnerability, and power of some of Nashville's most talented women.

Adara -
Adara is a Nashville based, professional singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist with a focus on pop music. She is best known for her collaborations with international DJs, her energetic live shows, and her futuristic inspired wardrobe. With lush soundscapes and big choruses, her music draws influence from artists like Lady Gaga, Sia, Ellie Goulding, and Coldplay.

As a songwriter, Adara worked with SM Entertainment in Seoul Korea where she wrote for major Kpop artists. Her first cut through SM was with Luna x Amber which became the theme song for the EDM festival, Station. Her second cut, Galaxy, landed on Luna’s debut #2 Billboard World charting EP.

With no major promotion, her 2017 single “Oasis” has organically hit over 700,000 streams on Spotify. At present, Adara’s social media following amounts to 43,000 followers across all platforms and continues to expand as she writes songs that resonate with listeners. She wants to be a good role model for the youth in the midst of an overly-sexualized and drug-infected culture. More in charge of her sound, and more enthused than ever before, Adara finds herself in the studio breathing life into her most honest and impassioned records yet. Adara’s music brings you into her world, engulfing all of your senses in a new dimension of possibility. Music is a powerful beacon, and she plans to shine her light with it, making the world a brighter place. You can find her new single, Alien, out on all major streaming platforms.

Savannah Sgro -
Born and raised in Las Vegas, a Berklee College of Music drop out, and now a Nashville native of two years; Savannah Sgro is an independent pop singer/songwriter with heartfelt lyrics, and a multi-talented musician.

In November 2018, Savannah started releasing a series of singles leading up to her debut EP, “Phobia”, that now has over 5 million streams total on streaming platforms.

Sara Benyo -
Sara Benyo has been winning the hearts of the EDM and Pop community since 2017. Reigning from Nashville, TN, Sara debuted her first single “Fight It” in 2017. With recognition locally and globally, she is one of Electronic Pop’s artists to watch in 2019--receiving support from WherestheVibe, The Nashville Scene, and Australian radio station SMASH FM. Sara is already crashing through the gates this year with her debut EP “Shades of Gold" containing hooks so catchy that you can't help but sing along to with the first listen. With her dream-like persona and warm personality, Sara’s authenticity is sure to win the hearts of all ages and keep you dancing til the last track.

Rosemary Joaquin -
Rosemary Joaquin, Washington D.C. native, moved to Nashville to pursue her dream of becoming a musician. Her first big hit "Showered" reached half a million streams which was soon accompanied by her next single "Bad Song" that reached even more listeners. She has quickly become the one to watch! Once you hear her soulful gritty voice you will crave more. Luckily she is constantly releasing singles that are definite bops!


From Lexington,MA to Nashville, TN, Elisabeth Beckwitt has battled anxiety, depression, and addiction. She’s always felt that it’s important to be open and honest about her struggles so that she can encourage others to reach out and seek the help that they might need. Elisabeth pairs her clear, powerful voice with an unapologetically supportive attitude towards her tribe and weaves them together into relatable stories with encapsulating melodies that build an intimate connection with her audience. When the Eastside's Pansexual Queen isn’t hosting Sad Girl Night you can catch her playing shows locally in Nashville and touring regionally throughout 2019 to promote her upcoming releases.