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Sad Girl Night ft. Joanna Barbera, V Blackburn, Allie Marshall, and Rochelle Riser

Come out to Sad Girl Night at Helping Our Music Evolve - HOME and celebrate the beauty, vulnerability, and power of some of Nashville's most talented women.

Joanna Barbera -
With roots in New York and stints in San Francisco, Maui, London, Arizona, Austin, and Nashville, Joanna Barbera’s wandering spirit shines through in her evocative folk tunes. Her interest in the ethereal and the divine, from religious studies and yoga to shamanism and energy-healing, has influenced her otherworldly songs, which ask big questions about relationships, life, death, and finding one’s place. Joanna made the move to Nashville in the summer of 2014, where she wrote and recorded her latest EP, 2017’s IMAGO. The song “When the Rain Comes” landed a feature on CBS’s Criminal Minds, while a new single, a cover of Tom Petty’s “Breakdown,” was released on November 16. Joanna followed the song’s arrival with a European tour alongside Deer Tick to close out the year.

V Blackburn -
Nashville based artist V Blackburn describes her music as “grit-pop”. Featuring the lyrical strength of a singer-songwriter, the catchy hooks of pop music, and the dirty guitars of blues-rock, V Blackburn’s tunes satiate a slew of musical desires. In September of 2015, Blackburn released her debut EP, 50 Shades of Crazy, which was recorded at Q Division studios in Boston, MA. Since then, Blackburn has moved to Nashville where she has collaborated with a number of writers and producers. 2018 saw the release of her single “Static”, an electro-pop song about knowing when to move on. Her newest single, "Jon Hamm," is available now on Spotify!

Allie Marshall -
Allie Marshall is a singer-songwriter from Hudson Valley, New York. She's been described as, "The lovechild of Norah Jones and Jerry Seinfeld." Her debut EP, Too Much, was released in early 2019 and features vocal-driven tunes supported by cinematic arrangements. Allie is also a vocal coach and background vocalist in and around Nashville, TN.

Rochelle Riser -
a Nashville-based singer/songwriter, has been compared to prolific women in their craft such as Stevie Nicks, Norah Jones, and Gillian Welch. With clear, songbird vocals, Riser’s music is a refreshing combination of organic sounds and heart-tugging melodies. Called “the real deal” and a “voice … spanning the gap between ethereal heights and down-to-earth intimacy,” Rochelle Riser released her debut EP What Was On My Mind under her given name, Rochelle Feldkamp. Since then, she has put in a lot of hours honing her craft, writing more than a hundred songs while gaining some Nashville confidence. Rochelle Riser plans to release new music in 2019 while touring regionally and nationally.


From Lexington,MA to Nashville, TN, Elisabeth Beckwitt has battled anxiety, depression, and addiction. She’s always felt that it’s important to be open and honest about her struggles so that she can encourage others to reach out and seek the help that they might need. Elisabeth pairs her clear, powerful voice with an unapologetically supportive attitude towards her tribe and weaves them together into relatable stories with encapsulating melodies that build an intimate connection with her audience. When the Eastside's Pansexual Queen isn’t hosting Sad Girl Night you can catch her playing shows locally in Nashville and touring regionally throughout 2019 to promote her upcoming releases.