Who We Are

Our Mission Statement

"Helping to build a more holistic and sustainable culture while advocating for a less androcentric world view; placing proper value on mental health and showcasing the art and achievements of women, non cis-male individuals, and the Queer community."

What We Do

Sad Girl Music is an organization who promotes and produces live music events showcasing female talent in Nashville.

Here’s a blog post from Christine, our Lead Editorial Writer, to give you some more context



What is Sad Girl Music?

The big question we often get asked when we mention this brand we’re building happens to be, “Well, what is Sad Girl Music?”


My name is Christine

I’m the Lead Editorial Writer for Sad Girl Music and I want to try and answer that question for you!


That phrase can mean something different to everyone, so I’m here to tell you a bit about it.

What it means to our founder, Elisabeth Beckwitt, what it means to the artist’s who create it, and what it means to fans of any and all Sad Girl Music.

The fact that you’re reading this tells me that you may be one of those fans.


As someone who self-identifies as a “Sad Girl,” I want you to feel as authentically a part of this community as I do.

I attended the very first Sad Girl Night back in September of 2018 and continued to come back any time I could. I loved it.

The energy and the outpouring of love filled my heart to the brim and I left feeling accepted, seen, and revitalized.

If you’ve ever experienced a Sad Girl Night, you’ll know this familiar feeling. If you haven’t made it out yet, we’re patiently waiting to meet you.



Let’s start with the basics:

What does it mean to be a Sad Girl?

There are so many labels floating around in this wildly perplexing age that we live in, but to be a Sad Girl can mean many things, including:

  • You identify with the struggles and triumphs; the emotions and experiences involved with womanhood.

  • You are in love with a good song that can emote your inner demons and/or celebrate your unique beauty and inner glow. 

  • You can sit and listen to the same artist over and over if you feel as if they’ve been through a similar situation to you. 

  • You enjoy being a part of a community that supports you, accepts you, and makes you feel seen- not only on your best days- but also on your worst.

If you identify with any or all of the points above, you may be a Sad Girl. Congratulations! 



Now let’s talk about the music

Like I’ve said before, Sad Girl Music can mean a lot of different things. Why on earth would we build a brand around a concept that can’t be neatly wrapped up into a simple definition?  That seems slightly irresponsible!

Here’s the idea



Have you ever tried to wrap up your entire being in one sentence? It can’t be done. There are too many thoughts, emotions, sensations, beliefs...cells in your body...to wrap up in a neat package.

We refuse to try and define Sad Girl Music in a few short sentences because it’s not our place to tell you what Sad Girl Music means. Whatever YOU decide it means is what it means; we’re just here to celebrate it with you! We want it to mean a million things to a million people because each of us has had a different walk in life, and therefore, your Sad Girl Music is different from anyone else’s.


For our Founder, Elisabeth Beckwitt, growing up listening to and loving the music of strong women like Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson, Sad Girl Music is this:

“To me, Sad Girl Music encapsulates all of it: It’s the fear, strength, vulnerability, and perseverance of womanhood.

It’s the music that plays when we cry in solitude, when we dance with our lovers, and when we need a reminder of our power.”


“Sad Girl Music is a space to find strength in vulnerability and power in femininity.” - Kelly Hoppenjans


“Sad Girl Music is like opening an emotional time capsule, it’s something that somebody somewhere wrote with the intent to let go of collected emotions. When you write a sad girl song, you encapsulate all of that pain, joy, or confusion and release it into the world. Every time you revisit it, you’re engulfed in that nostalgia but no longer tied to it.” - Abbey Moss


Knowing what you do now, what does Sad Girl Music mean to you? 

Can you place your own unique definition on it now that you have a better idea of the universal language? Our team would love to hear your story and be a part of your Sad Girl journey!

Tag us in your sad girl music posts and come out to our monthly Sad Girl Night at H.O.M.E.

We can’t wait to meet you!